Please use the SourceForge file release system to download Crown and Cutlass.

Installation instructions:

In order to get Crown and Cutlass running, you need to either use the Win32 installer or compile the source yourself.

If you are using Win32, you can download the automated installer (with uninstall support); this will not install any code, just the compiled executable to run Crown and Cutlass. Alternatively, you may download the code and compile it yourself. Collin Sanford has posted information on setting up a MSVC++ project to compile Crown and Cutlass in the Help - Compiling forum.

If you are running Linux, you must compile the code yourself. A Makefile is provided, so you should be able to simply type 'make' to compile the code. We write and test the code to compile in both Linux and Win32 without changing the code. However, you may need to adjust the Makefile and include file paths depending on your environment.

If you have trouble compiling, please see the Help - Compiling Forum for assistance.